Engagement rings: most popular style, carat weight & center stone shape.

Engagement rings: most popular style, carat weight & center stone shape.

In the world of engagement rings, certain styles, carat weights, and center stone shapes reign supreme. Let's delve into the most popular choices for each category.

The classic solitaire stands out as the most coveted style, capturing the hearts of nearly one-third of respondents. Its timeless elegance and uncluttered design allow the center stone to shine brilliantly, making it a sought-after option. Additional choices gaining popularity include halo, channel set, and pavé settings, which add extra sparkle and opulence to the ring.

The allure of the one-carat center stone prevails, captivating the desires of many. This psychological threshold holds great significance, symbolizing the perfect embodiment of love. Other notable peaks include the range of 0.5-0.59 carats and 0.7-0.79 carats, known as "magic weights." These sizes act as benchmarks, driving the preference for center stones that surpass expectations.

The round brilliant shape takes center stage, capturing over 60% of respondents' preferences. Synonymous with diamonds, this iconic shape exudes timeless beauty and sophistication. Princess cut follows closely as the second most sought-after shape, radiating brilliance with its carefully calculated facet angles. Other popular cuts include cushion and oval, offering uniqueness and charm. Cluster rings, composed of small diamonds artfully arranged, create the illusion of a larger stone, making a remarkable visual impact.

Experience the enchantment of engagement rings, where styles, carat weights, and center stone shapes converge to create masterpieces. Choose the perfect combination that resonates with your soul, elevating your love story with beauty, sophistication, and impeccable craftsmanship

(source: Ringspo 2022 Engagement Ring Survey).

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